STEELSERIES Flux Headset - Black


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Flux Yourself. In Style.
By definition, flux is change, mutability, rate of transport and more. By manifestation, the SteelSeries Flux is the most customizable and versatile headset we have ever developed. The Flux is designed to go everywhere and anywhere you want to go. The design allows for a high quality audio experience whether you are on the go, competing at gaming tournaments, at the office, or kicking back at home.

Made to Order
The Flux comes preconfigured in all white, all black or our Luxury Edition which features leather earcups and a green and black design.
However, the spirit of Flux is customization and because of that we have created a webshop where you can order your Flux just the way you want it. Customize the cushions, cables and side plates in any configuration on either the black or white headset frame. Your custom headset will arrive from our warehouse ready to go. You can even order additional parts for additional customization later on.

Detachable Cable System
The Flux features a quick disconnect cable system. You can disconnect to walk away from your machine, plug in a different cable for another computer or use with your mobile device.

Share Your Sound
With 2 input jacks, one on each earcup, you can choose which side the microphone cable can be plugged into. The remaining input jack can be used to share your sound by simply plugging another headset into the Flux so multiple users can listen to the same device.

Ready For Transport
Designed for maximum portability, the Flux can fold up neatly in a couple of convenient ways. The headset can holdup towards the band. In addition, each earcup can be rotated to fold the headset flat for easy storage or to comfortably show it off around your neck.

PC Cable
A PC cable features an in-line, omni-directional mic with a sliding mute switch that connects to your PC via two 3.5mm jacks.

Mobile and Mac® Cable
The Flux can also be used with a mobile cable that features an in-line, omni-directional mic and a button for control connects to your mobile device or Mac® via a single 3.5mm jack.

Inline Microphone & Controls
The omni-directional microphone can be found right on the cord with convenient mute control. This allows you to control what others hear from you.


  • PC Headset
  • In-Line Microphone
  • Unit utama

    Impedance 29 Ohm
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